Endcliffe Park Cafe with autumnal trees behind.

Saving almost £20 a week

Everyone who lives, works or studies in Sheffield can earn rewards and prize draw entries for walking, wheeling, cycling and using public transport. Every day in November, one lucky winner gets a £10 Sheffield City Centre Gift Card and five people get 1,000 BetterPoints - that's £1. Download the free app today via the QR or buttons at the bottom of the page.

Simon is our first BetterPoints Sheffield Star and he kindly took the time to tell us how he has changed his commuting routine to make healthier journeys since joining the campaign.

I'm a Civil Servant and I found out about BetterPoints Sheffield through a Greener staff network in my Department.
I live in Gleadless and work from the office in town three days a week. I was driving into the city centre and paying to park but I've now found a place to park fifteen minutes' walk from the office. The only thing that stops me walking all the way is that I need to drop my three-year-old off at nursery.
I enjoy the walk to and from the office - it gives me time to listen to the Diary of a CEO podcast! I get more exercise and I feel happier since walking part of my commute. It saves me money too: I was paying £5.95 to park and the AA calculator says I'm saving £1.38 in petrol too - so it's saving me almost £20 a week.
We really enjoy walking in Sheffield's parks, too. We go to Norfolk Park, Graves Park and we really love walking through Endcliffe Park and out to Forge Dam.
I'll spend my BetterPoints on coffee, that's my main treat!
Simon and his daughter walking in Endcliffe Park

We've got very good news for Simon because we've just added three new coffee vouchers - including in two of his favourite parks! BetterPoints Sheffield participants can now get a coffee for 1,000 BetterPoints at Endcliffe Park Cafe, Dukes in the Park (Norfolk Park) and Motore in Bingham Park, as well as at the University of Sheffield's GeniUS cafes (where you can get one for 500 BetterPoints if you drink in or bring your own cup).

Look out for our monthly in-app survey for the chance to inspire healthier journeys and win 25,000 BetterPoints.

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