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The rewards are a real motivator

BetterPoints Sheffield is all about inspiring healthier journeys. Everyone who lives, works or studies in the city can earn rewards for walking, wheeling, cycling and using public transport. The BetterPoints you earn can be exchanged for hot drinks at over 20 local cafes, for Sheffield Gift Cards, or for supermarket and online shopping vouchers. They can also be donated to many local charities. Start earning today by downloading the free app from the App Store or Google Play (or scan the QR at the bottom of the page).

Our latest Sheffield Star is Rachel, an Engineering PhD student at the University of Sheffield, who told us about her experience:

I’m now conscious of how far I’m walking, it’s about a mile in and a mile out, and I really value that bit of quiet time. Walking really does take the stresses away, and allows me to decompress on my way home. It lets you leave the office behind you.
Walking is good for me as I have a medical condition, bad veins, and I don’t have as much pain if I walk regularly. And BetterPoints has helped me to get into the habit of walking - it’s 20 minutes downhill on the way in and 25 on the way home, a bit longer, but Sheffield hills are Sheffield hills!
If I was stuck in traffic in a car or on a bus it would take me the same time, if not longer.
It can be a talking point if I walk in, especially if the weather isn’t good. But the points are a motivation, in the past I might have said, can I be bothered? Now I’ll just get up and walk, even in bad weather.
The rewards are a real motivator, as I know that eight or so days of walking to work will get me a free coffee. And it became a talking point in the office, people were saying: ‘Why are you getting a free coffee?’ And now the entire office of about fifteen people is signed up to BetterPoints, and we sometimes head out for a walk during the day to visit a different cafe and get some more points!

Every month we invite participants to help us inspire healthier journeys by sharing their story with us - look out for messages in the app for your chance to be a Sheffield Star and earn 25,000 BetterPoints.

Not yet earning rewards? Download the free app via the buttons or QR below. If you don't live in Sheffield but commute in to work or study, make sure you enter the code bpshefooa on registration.

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